YWAM Global

What is YWAM? Youth With A Mission is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham“), our purpose is simply to know God and to make Him known. When YWAM began in 1960, our main focus was giving young people opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the whole world, according to His command in Mark 16:15. Today, we still focus on youth, but we have members (known as “YWAMers“) of almost every age and many of our short-term efforts have grown into long-term endeavours that have impacted lives and nations. YWAM has a decentralised structure that encourages new vision and the exploration of new ways to change lives through training, convey the message of the gospel and care for those in need.

Youth With A Mission is a truly global movement. We train over 40,000 students per year worldwide. We have over 1,100 locations in over 180 nations, and new teams are constantly being pioneered. Our centres reflect the culture they are in, and they often have multicultural staff.

Some YWAM centres are large, accommodating over 100 staff serving full time in a variety of activities. Others are small, with only a handful of people focused on a specific ministry. YWAM teams can be found in idyllic rural settings and urban centres, occupying all sorts of buildings, including castles, apartments, mud huts and tents.


Christ’s love inspires us to use many creative means to make His gospel understood to any audience. We use tools such as music, performing arts and sports to connect with people of all ages and develop friendships which can lead to conversations of eternal value. YWAM also starts churches in places where there may be no church at all. We believe everyone has the right to hear the good news about Jesus and our hope is to see fellowships of believers worshipping and following Jesus in every nation, tribe and tongue.


Through our training programs we aim to better equip Christians to grow in their relationship with God and to serve others in everything from agriculture and health care, to business development and biblical counselling. Our introductory course, the Discipleship Training School (DTS), is offered in many nations and languages. It’s an intensive five months of growing more like Jesus and serving Him in the world. YWAM’s University of the Nations (U of N) offers specialised study in areas such as science and technology, linguistics, the humanities, and Christian ministry.


If you believe it, you have to live it. YWAM’s mercy ministry teams follow Jesus’ example of compassion to those in need. We operate relief and development programs in over 100 countries, working among people living in desperate circumstances. Our volunteers serve in areas such as agricultural assistance, the prevention of human trafficking, health care, and micro-enterprise development. Their goal is to ease suffering and provide hope for those affected by poverty, disease or injustice.

A Message from YWAM’s Founder

“The doors of opportunity for us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ have never been so wide open. From Eastern Europe to the jungles of the Amazon, from the crowded cities of Asia to the villages of Africa, people are hungry to hear the message you have to give. In 1953, I went on my first outreach. I was a teenager at the time and I went with some other teens into Mexico. We preached in our broken Spanish and were absolutely amazed that God could use us to reach into another culture and win people for Jesus. Today the needs in the world are enormous and at times frightening.

While we continue to share the love of Jesus in places of great need around the world, I can assure you that our outreach staff do so only after prayerfully and carefully considering the risks involved. We are committed to your safety and to helping you discover where God is leading you to serve. No matter where you may be in life—young or old, single or married (with families too!), skilled or unskilled, from any nation or denominational background—God has a calling for your life. By asking God where He wants you to serve and moving out in obedience to His calling, you will experience firsthand His faithfulness and the joy of seeing His kingdom extended.

This website is full of opportunities and resources to help you find your place in God’s wonderful plan. As you explore, I want to encourage you to pray about how you can be a part of what God is doing throughout the world.“

–Loren Cunningham